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My Cycles Period and Ovulation
My Cycles is the best period app, ovulation tracker and calculator!Whether you are avoiding pregnancy or attempting pregnancy MyCycles helps you learn about your fertility and healthy cycle! MyCycles is a personalized tool to help you track your the beginningof your cycle, your period, fertile window and ovulation day. Youcan also track all your symptoms and moods to help you understandyour healthy throughout your cycle! Know when your period begins,when your fertile window and ovulation day is in a glance from thehome screen or get more details from our powerful monthly calendar!KEY HIGHLIGHTS ✔ Know and track when your period is coming. ✔ Getpersonalized notifications of when your period begins. ✔ Birthcontrol reminders to never miss or forget one! ✔ Daily log of yoursymptoms, weight, mood, menstruation ✔ Thorough tracking, betterpredict ovulation, menstruation and your fertile window ✔ Learn thepremenstrual signals your body gives out when you’re near ovulationor menstruation ✔ Improved chance of pregnancy and fertility withbetter timing when you menstruate ✔ THEMES! Personalize your appwith a beautiful theme. TRACKING YOUR MENSTRUAL CYCLE ✔ Record andmonitor dates of period, birth control pills, and intercourse/sex ✔View your menstruating days in our calendar ✔ Plan ahead with ourmenstrual calculator and predict your next fertile days, andovulation in the next 12 monthly cycles. ✔ Store daily premenstrualnotes, menstrual symptoms, medications, cramps, intercourse andtreatments ✔ Monitor and track premenstrual moods, fertile days,menstruating symptoms, menstruate weight, and menstrual relatedprogress ✔ Customize your calendar, menstruate log and menstruatingtracker ✔ Set discreet reminders when you menstruate or when yourfertile days are coming TRYING TO CONCEIVE ✔ Trackovulation-specific symptoms, treatments, and events (e.g.intercourse, contraception, birth control, sex, cramps, bbt etc) ✔Monitor signs of ovulation: Basal Body Temperature (BBT), CervicalMucous, OPK tests ✔ Premenstrual Weight and temperature tracker ✔Advanced ovulation prediction based on Fertility Awareness Method(FAM) or OPK ✔ Select ovulation day for women tracking ovulation ✔Track fertility-related medications and treatments; Clomid,Metformin, and IVF ✔ Record and monitor results of Home PregnancyTests and BBT
Sugar Sense - Diabetes App 2.4.5
Take full control of your diabetes with a quick tap using thiscompanion app. The simplest and easiest app to use in managingdiabetes. Awarded as Top 5 diabetes app by many sources!BENEFITS:✔Simplest blood glucose monitoring to see if your reading is innormal range with helpful feedback✔ Estimated HbA1C levels so thereare no surprises✔ Easily share your reports with your physician,certified diabetes educator, or family/friends✔ Automatically seehow many steps you walk daily✔ Quick and easy logging (meals, meds,weight, and more)✔ Ready daily tips to stay ahead✔ A beautifulinterface, making it easy along the wayFEATURES✔ See your averageglucose and blood sugar readings for the past 7 Days, 30 Days, and90 Days✔ Log all your health symptoms, treatments, weight, andlogbook✔ Track carbohydrates with our carb counter for carbscounting.✔ Log all types of insulin: rapid acting, short acting,intermediate acting, long acting✔ Enter and track glucose andinsulin levels✔ Integration with our app My Diet Diary for diet,carbs counting, nutrition, calories counter, and fitness✔ Supportsboth mmol/L and Mg/dL for measuring glucose✔ Additional featuresfor pre diabetes, Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes✔ Carbs calculator✔Track your calories, carb counter, and carbohydrates with theeasiest carbs counting tracker and calculator✔ Weighttracker,calculator, log and logbook to always stay on target✔Simplest insulin tracker and log all your medicinesINTEGRATION WITHMY DIET DIARY:✔ Track your diet and nutrition through ouraward-winning app: My Diet Diary - simply create a free and privateaccount to use both apps together✔ Use our calories calculator fortracking the food you are eating✔ Enter and track your fitness,exercises, carb counter, diet, nutrition, and calories intakecalculator with My Diet Diary✔ Check your insulin level compared tothe food you ate in our logbookCALENDAR:✔ Monitor and record fortracking all symptoms, treatments, and events relating to yourdiabetes whether you have type 1 or type 2✔ Use our calendar asyour buddy or companion for weight tracking, recording your bloodpressure, hemoglobin a1c (hba1c) results and any other eventsInsummary, track your blood sugar level, hemoglobin a1c (hba1c),insulin, blood pressure, carbs, weight, and more. We believe in themission of American Diabetes Association (ADA) to prevent and curediabetes and improve the lives of people affected by diabetes. Loginformation you receive from the American Diabetes Association(ADA) or CDC. Whether you have Type 2 Diabetes, Type 1, gestationaldiabetes, or pre-diabetes, we can help you better manage yourlifestyle. The easiest and simplest way to track Type 1 or Type 2Diabetes. USER QUOTES:“I have diabetes and this app is the perfectcompanion and buddy, I needed for tracking and keeping a logbook!”-David“I use their carb counter everyday! The American DiabetesAssociation (ADA) and CDC would be proud of this app!” - Amy“I wasdiagnosed with pre diabetes 4 months ago and I’ve been using thisapp for tracking my blood sugar levels. It helps keep them incheck! CDC would approve! ” Sarah“Found very good information aboutshort and long insulin that compares well with the AmericanDiabetes Association (ADA) and CDC about diabetes. I love theircarb counter and carbs counting tool!” Steve
I’m Expecting - Pregnancy App 2.3.4
Join millions of other pregnant women and get I’m Expecting, the #1pregnancy app! Track everything that's happening to you and yourbaby day by day and week by week. I’m expecting pregnancy appprovides you with weekly updates of what’s happening to your bodyand your baby. View weekly pregnancy videos and baby developmentvideos. Track your symptoms and view top symptoms for each week.Simply enter or calculate your due date to get started on yourpregnancy journey. KEY HIGHLIGHTS: ✔ Get weekly updates and tips onyour baby’s growth and changes to your prenatal body. ✔ Weeklypregnancy guide videos ✔ Track your pregnancy symptoms and comparewith other pregnant moms. ✔ Monitor weight throughout yourpregnancy stages ✔ Watch your baby grow with fetal developmentimages developed by medical experts ✔ Due date calculatorCOUNTDOWN: ✔ Progress bar showing time remaining until your babyarrives ✔ Weeks and days remaining until delivery ✔ Cutenessoverdose with daily baby pictures. ✔ Easy to use Due Datecalculator DAILY AND WEEKLY UPDATES: ✔ Get weekly pregnancy tips ✔To do list to help you prepare for pregnancy and childbirth ✔Weekly Prenatal Videos ✔ Weekly baby development videos ✔ Fetaldevelopment images developed by medical experts WEIGHT TRACKING: ✔Track your pregnancy weight ✔ Learn your healthy pregnancy weightrange SYMPTOMS TRACKING: ✔ Keep track of doctor’s appointments,tests and more ✔ Track all your symptoms and events in one calendar✔ Compare and see if other pregnant women are experiencing the samematernity symptoms as you. ✔ Daily tracking calendar of symptoms,mood, medicine, weight, morning sickness, notes, baby kicks counterand contractions. I’m Expecting pregnancy app provides the besttools and support for a happy and healthy pregnancy!
My Diet Diary Calorie Counter
Reach your weight goal faster with My Diet Diary, your diet &fitness companion! The easiest way to lose weight, maintain weight,or gain weight. The elegant and simplest weight loss app to trackyour food, calories, exercise, weight, cholesterol, carbs, caloriesburned, other nutrition data. Proven success as millions of peopleworldwide have used this app to reach their weight goal! KEYHIGHLIGHTS ✔ Simplest way to track what you eat and view a fullnutritional summary ✔ Journal to track your daily exercise,calories burned, and minutes exercised ✔ Detailed daily diarysummary to see your overall progress and how to improve ✔ Easy toread reports and graphs to view trends ✔ Daily diet and fitnesstips ✔ Reminders to help you stay on track NUTRITION TRACKING ✔Daily calorie counter and track other nutrition data (protein,carbs, cholesterol, sugar, fiber, etc) ✔ Set weight loss goal anduse our calorie tracker to start tracking your calorie budget anddiet ✔ Body Mass Index BMI calculator ✔ View weight charts,calories consumed charts, diet summary, and reports tracking yourweight loss ✔ Daily dieting tips FOOD TRACKING ✔ Add food from ourdatabase of 150,000+ foods and healthy recipes for no matter whatdiet you are on: Atkins, Gluten free, Paleo, Jenny Craig, Weightwatchers, etc ✔ Automatically provide details about every singlefood: protein, gluten, carbs, calories, vitamins, cholesterol, andminerals ✔ Calculate total micro and macro nutrients ✔ Not on diet?Have diabetes? Use as food log, journal, and tracker to seebreakdown of calories from carbs and fats EXERCISE & FITNESSTRACKING ✔ Connect and see your steps progress from your Fitbit,Jawbone Up, or other activity tracking devices or step counting ✔Log over 65 exercises to see calories burned and calories lost ✔See calories & fat you burned with our step counter ✔ BMRCalculator and BMI calculator ✔ View weight charts, calories burnedcharts, and minutes exercised charts ✔ Track cardio, walking,biking, running, step counter, and more! ✔ Daily fitness tipsPERSONALIZED TRACKER ✔ Connect your Fitbit, Jawbone Up and more fora comprehensive view of all your fitness and nutritionalinformation This app is your all-in-one diet coach, weight coach,and fitness coach. Cheers to Good Health!
StayWell 2.1.6
The free StayWell app is designed to work with the StayWellprogram. This app brings the features of our award winning DigitalNavigator solution and puts them in your hands for quick, easy,access!